Latin Village 2019 - 2 DAYS
Latin Village 2019 - 2 DAYS


Started somewhere along the year 2000 after watching a DMC Battle in Amsterdam. The sound of Turntablism really had a hold on him. At that point, he knew he wanted to be a DJ. While practicing on his babyscratch, crab and the beatjuggin. More and more people asked him to do demos and mixtapes. The more people were asking for a tape, the more he got interested in the shows and parties.

After a year or so he did his first gig. That’s when everything went really fast, the word got out on the streets about a new DJ under the name of Fullscale, who could really get a party started.
With music styles such as Hip Hop, R&B, Dancehall, Nu Soul, Swingbeat.Disco and Funk classics up to House and Breaks. From the Dutch capital Amsterdam to the island of Curacao, from Milan to Istanbul all the way to his Indonesia tours, they all witnessed how this DJ gets down.
Besides spinning records in the club, he had another thing for music. As a producer, he took his love for music even higher. After producing tracks on demo’s for new talents, he is working on tracks for GoodGrip, Gers Pardoel, Dion Mase and for different mc’s from New York such as A-clay, Substancial and J-Cast under the label Youngstar.