Latin Village 2019 - 2 DAYS
Latin Village 2019 - 2 DAYS

Jasper Clash

Jasper Alderliesten started playing records at the age of 16.
His career started at a local club in Zwijndrecht. He was the youngest resident DJ ever to play at the Blue Lagoon (Warehouse Danceclub) mixing styles from ’90s hip-hop to dance. But he mostly preferred progressive-trance and club. During his residency, he played with DJs like Mark van Dale, Enrico, Jean, Johan Gielen, Cor Fyneman and Miss Promiss. He even played with Tiesto at an online radio show.

After 5 years of residency and knowing what he really wanted to play, he decided to go further on his own.
After playing at a couple of parties he got discovered by a few small dance organizations and he got a lot of support from them. Slowly he started playing at bigger parties and playing with DJs like Roog, Benny Rodrigues and Warren Fellow

His main sound is nice, warm, deephouse good to get the people in the right vibe at the start of there club night. He knows better than anyone to roll out the red carpet for the coming DJ!
But also he is very loved by the crowd for his Strong, uplifting and driving house sets that can take you on a musical journey. So basically whether you’re looking for a warm-up DJ to warm up the crowd or one that really knows how to get the crowd wild, Jasper Clash is your DJ!